Monthly Archives: January 2015

Issue #52

RubyMotion Android is in motion

At InfiniteRed we’ve been building a real (for existing users) RubyMotion Android app, Darin Wilson has been doing all of it. It’s the Android version of an iOS app we’ve already built. I wanted to give you an update on Android and share some of our experiences.

First: Darin is going to do an RM Android tip in every Dispatch, to help everyone out.

Second: there are still issues with RM Android. Darin is submitting bug reports daily as he finds bugs or missing pieces. As you can see from RM v3.3 below they’re getting fixed.

We’ll keep you updated as Darin continues to travel the undiscovered country, hacking through the prickly foliage.

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Issue #51


Happy New Year. This is going to be a great year for RubyMotion. Android was finally released, the Apple Watch is coming, and much more.

For those new to the RubyMotion community, every year there is the #inspect conference for RubyMotion. The date hasn’t been announced this year, but last year it was in May so that’s a good guess.

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