The RubyMotion #inspect 2014 conference is going to be awesome

RubyMotion #inspect 2014 the 2nd annual RubyMotion conference is this May. My company InfiniteRed is co-organizing the conference with Laurent and HipByte.

It’s going to be in San Francisco at a really cool place, Fort Mason. I toured the facility and it’s awesome. We have 3 rooms, the big one will easily hold all of us. The extra rooms gives us flexibility to do some interesting things. The main room has huge windows on 3 sides (electric black blinds makes the room dark). One side looks out over boats to the Golden Gate bridge. So unlike other conferences where you’re in a windowless box inside a hotel, this place has history, views, and style.There is a small “stage”, a screen, etc.

We want the conference to be big enough to accommodate everyone, but keep it small enough to be “personal” and casual. This way everyone can meet everyone else, learn a lot, and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

There are going to be some great speakers. In addition to the great speakers, I’ll also be speaking. So if you get tired of reading my endless babbling here in the Dispatch you can experience my babbling in person.

We can have alcohol in this venue, so we can have the after party there also, no need to go somewhere else, which is a great feature.

Here is more information about the conference. Please join us, we’re really working hard to make it a fun and special conference. There are a limited number of spots, so don’t wait to register.

I finally created a logo for the Dispatch, do you like it?

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

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RubyMotion News

Remote templates are currently broken, they will be fixed in the next update of RubyMotion but can be patched now with this. 

RubyMotion App of the Week

Jimbo  “Your website. Wherever you are”
RubyMotion Success Story: Jimdo

RubyMotion Tip of the Week

Did you know you can setup your iCloud account in the simulator? You can, and it’s awesome because it will sync your contacts and such, so you can test your app with real data.

iOS Marketing Tip of the Week by Mark Rickert

iTunes Connect Keywords
Make sure you’re using the keywords field in iTunes Connect to its fullest. Think about words, brands, companies, and yes… other apps… that your potential customers would be searching for. Think like an App Store user and not a developer. Although these keywords are never seen by end-users, they are a big part of Apple’s search algorithm so make sure you fill up the entire 100 characters.

Tip: spaces after the commas aren’t needed! Gain some valuable characters by removing all the spaces after commas:
“texting, unicode, ascii, sharing, friends”
becomes “texting,unicode,ascii,sharing,friends”

CDQ Tip by Ken Miller

What is CDQ? Read about it here.

When you are setting up relationships in your data model for Core Data, Xcode makes you tediously specify the target entity and an inverse relationship for each, despite it being obvious in most cases.  It doesn’t even flag it as a warning if you don’t, leading to subtle errors in your code.  If you use ruby-xcdm (which is included in CDQ), however, it will guess the type and inverse correctly in most cases, just like ActiveRecord. You can still override anything you need to for more advanced cases.

entity “Article” do
belongs_to :author

entity “Author” do
has_many :articles

RMQ News

RMQ v0.5.2 released.

  • Fixed the problem where “rmq create” did not generate the project in RubyMotion 2.22

One more thing

Post #inspect 10k run
It would be fun, on Friday after the conference, to run from the conference center to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, hit Hoppers Hands, then run back. This is a 5.5  to 6.5 mile run depending on how you do it. So we can do around a 10k.It would be a slower run, so that everyone can enjoy it (plus I’m not a fast runner). I’ll personally run with the slowest (but the best) runner.Another option is to meet at the marina and run to the bridge and back, which is 4 miles.

If I can get at least one more person, I’ll go. Let me know if you’re interested. Here is a an example of the route we can take.