RubyMotion #inspect 2014 update

The RubyMotion #inspect 2014 conference is coming this may. Don’t wait too long to signup, space is limited.

Soon we will publish a list of places to stay while you are in San Francisco.

This event cannot happen without the help of sponsors from the community, so please show them some love:

Pixate – Gold Sponsor


Terrible Labs


If you missed the last issue, you can find it here: issue #15

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

Articles, News, New Gems, and Blog Posts

Frozen Rails 2014 Conference Frozen Rails is a single track Ruby conference held in Helsinki, Finland (September 11-12). They’re hoping to get proposals for talks on using of Ruby outside of Rails, such as RubyMotion.

Feb 24th, 2014 – “MotionInMotion – Episode 12 – Application URLs” by Jack Watson-Hamblin

Feb 23th, 2014 – “Simpler Core Data with RubyMotion” by Stefan Haflidason

Feb 21th, 2014 – “gem – Test your RubyMotion app using screenshot comparison” by Clay Allsopp

Feb 21th, 2014 – “Fixing the iOS 7 Navigation Bar Overlap Problem” by Jack Watson-Hamblin

Feb 20th, 2014 – “Using MagicalRecord and Core Data in RubyMotion” by Paul Sturgess

Feb 19th, 2014 – “RubyMotion – using MapKit” by Nicolas Cavigneaux

Feb 19th, 2014 – “Resources for learning Rubymotion” by Jeremy Groh

RubyMotion Tip of the Week

When you’re creating a UITableView or UITableViewController you can use many different cell types in one table. A logical “unit” doesn’t have to be only one cell.

For example: imagine you have a list of comments, and some of the comments have images. Rather than making only one comment cell class, make a CommentImageCell and a CommentTextCell. This is much easier than dynamically changing the height of the cell depending on wether it has an image or not. It’s also more efficient.

I like to create an array of rows, with their class and their data. Then when creating that cell in the delegate you know which kind of cell to create and you can apply the data.

rows = [
  { klass: CommentTextCell, data: comment.body },
  { klass: SomeOtherCell, data: some_data }

RubyMotion App of the Week


A Dark Room

This is strange, but I’m intrigued. About it, the website, and the

( for the website

CDQ News and Tips by Ken Miller

Hey RubyMotion folks, I'm going to start work on CDQ 0.2.0 soon, and I wanted
to give you a heads up as to what I'm going to be tackling:

  • Callbacks: Structured way to perform actions when certain lifecycle events take place: create, update, delete, either for a specific object (say, on behalf of some controller code) or for all instances of a class.
  • Friendly error messages: Core Data error messages are... cryptic. This would put a layer on top to make them easier to decipher.
  • Easier Validations: Core Data lets you add simple validations on your schema, or custom ones in your model, but working with them in code is not easy or natural. This would create simple API for running builtin validations, and for defining custom ones.

You can see this list as it updates, and any future plans on the roadmap page on github:

If you have ideas you'd like to share (or even better, help out with) or you just have a question, reach out to me on Twitter, or email (

iOS Marketing Tip of the Week by Mark Rickert

The first screenshot you upload to iTunes Connect is the first impression a potential purchaser gets of your app. Along with your app's name, the first screenshot should be a good representation of what your app actually does.

What makes a great screenshot? Check out this artice from Dan Counsell of Realmac software (RapidWeaver, Clear, etc.) on how to design great App Store screenshots to set your app apart from the fray.

RMQ News

RMQ v0.5.5 released.

  • Fixed the table template, it wasn't using a reuse identifier when creating cells, ack, I'm sorry about that
  • Fixed a crash when calling rmq inside an AppDelegate instance
  • Updated README for clarification
  • Added to scrollview styler: direction_lock and scroll_enabled
  • Added to view styler: tint_color
  • Added to tableview styler: separator_style, separator_color, and allows_selection

Because this updates the table template, please update your gem as well as your bundle:

gem update ruby_motion_query
bundle update ruby_motion_query

Help support the Dispatch and signup over at MotionInMotion

MotionInMotion releases a new
RubyMotion screencast each week. Here are some examples:

  • Episode 12 - Application URLs
  • Episode 11 - RMQ
  • Episode 10 - Teacup
  • Episode 9 - ProMotion + Formotion
  • Episode 7 - Working with the Camera

Sign up, it's only $9AUD/month!

One more thing

Jim Weirich, the creator of Rake, passed away on February 19th.


Here is a ( talking about RubyMotion.

Thank you Mr. Weirich for making our lives a little easier every single day.

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