Movies did it right with the credits at the end

I always felt that software should have a credit page or screen. Something that highlighted everyone who worked on the project, just like movies do.

Lately, I’ve been mentioning everyone who helped me on RMQ in the release notes. I figure that’s a small way to do it.

I have an idea for a new column in the Dispatch. Periodically I’ll have a “gem of the week”, and I’ll ask the creator three things:

  • Why did you create this gem
  • What are you going to add next
  • Who helped you build the gem

I’ll send out some emails (or feel free to email me) and ask some gem creators about their gems, I’ll see what response I get.

If you missed the last issue, you can find it here: issue #24

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

Articles, News, New Gems, and Blog Posts

Apr 28th, 2014 – “screencast – MotionInMotion – Episode 21 – My Process, Custom Forms, and Date Fields” by Jack Watson-Hamblin

Apr 25th, 2014 – “Custom Rotating Animations in RubyMotion” by Jamie Wagner

Apr 25th, 2014 – “slide deck – RubyMotion Gets A Cool New Friend: mruby on iOS” by Joseph Ku

Apr 24th, 2014 – “Rubymotion lighting talk – Brisbane Cocohead meetup” by Darren Rogan

Apr 23th, 2014 – “Introducing Motion-juxtapose” by Thomas Mayfield

Apr 23th, 2014 – “gem – DeployGate integration for RubyMotion projects” by Shizuo Fujita (Watson)

RubyMotion App of the Week


Apr 22, 2014 – Footpoll

“Footpoll is a free football voting app that lets you create polls, vote and discuss the game we all love.”

This app uses RMQ, CDQ, RestKit (CDQ and Restkit are used for full offline data access), bubble-wrap, and Formotion.

RubyMotion Tip of the Week by Gant Laborde of Iconoclast Labs

Hidden Gem

Everyone loved when RM 2.0 came out with the new template flag feature. Devs pounced on the idea, and created full fledged templates of their base applications. The templates offered officially by HipByte’s RubyMotion grew somewhat quiet, and understandably so. Besides ios/osx, what other templates should ship with the product?

Quite unannounced, I found a new template in their repo yesterday. I was working with the structure of RM gems, when I came across this lovely bit of code motion create --template=gem GemName. To my chagrin (I had been working from scratch) I noticed this template has been in RM for about 2 months.

So my tip to you, is simply letting you know this exists 🙂 I asked a few other RM devs if they knew about this feature; both fortunately and unfortunately few of them did.

iOS Marketing Tip of the Week by Mark Rickert

Your current customers are your best marketing partners! Is there any way in your app for people who already have your app to share it with their friends or colleagues? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to get app sales from “word of mouth” (or text as the case may be).

I include an action in my “about” or “settings” screen that says, “Share the app” and when tapped, opens up a UIActivityViewController that allows the user to share the app over text, email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Tap into your existing users to help you market your apps. They alrady own it and are using it so they’re more likely to help turn a cold lead into a warm lead… and hopefully a conversion. You can even try incentivizing your users to share the app somehow!

RMQ News

Version 0.5.7 released.

The release is a ton of little things. In addition to myself, various people contributed to this release: @gantman, @mattsgarrison, and @malkomalko. Thanks all.

  • Deprecated weak_ref_to_strong_ref. RM 2.24 made this unnecessary
  • Various bug fixes (of course, might as well say water is wet).
  • Fixed bug where rmq would be attached to the wrong controller when using something like ECSlidingViewController
  • Fixed bug where rmq in stylesheet wasn’t wrapping views correctly
  • Updated readme, clarifying a few things people are generally confused about
  • Additions to stylers (UIPageControl, UITextView, etc)
  • Allow from_right: 10 and from_bottom: 20 in the hash when setting a frame or in layout
  • Added 2 new animations: sink_and_throb, and land_and_sink_and_throb
  • Allow you to set the :table_style, when .append or .create a UITableView (UITableViewStyleGrouped)
  • Fixed issue where rmq.create wouldn’t grab the latest template from github

Do both (you need the updated gem (outside of bundler) because of the console rmq command being updated):

gem update ruby_motion_query
bundle update ruby_motiong_query

One more thing

With all the hubbub over DHH’s comments on TDD, I thought I’d throw my 2-cents in.

What I really see out there in the dev world is RDD (Resume Driven Development). Everything else seems secondary ;-).

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