Scene Kit is coming to the Dispatch

At InfiniteRed, Will Raxworthy and I have been working on a project using Scene Kit. Scene Kit is like Sprite Kit but it’s for 3D graphics (Sprite Kit is for 2D).

There is very little documentation out there on Scene Kit, so we’ve had to figure it all out. Our pain is your gain, as I will be creating some basic gems in RubyMotion and creating some example apps.

It’s really fun stuff, stay tuned.

If you missed the last issue, you can find it here: issue #38.

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

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RubyMotion App of the Week


Groceries by Ketan Anjaria

Gems used in the app:

  • afmotion
  • bubble-wrap
  • sugarcube
  • motion-testflight
  • motion-support

Pods used in the app:

  • AFNetworking
  • ViewDeck
  • Analytics/Segmentio
  • Analytics/Crittercism
  • Analytics/Mixpanel
  • Analytics/Flurry
  • Reachability
  • BSKeyboardControls
  • SVProgressHUD
  • MSLabel
  • TSMessages
  • UIDeviceIdentifier

ProMotion Tip by Mark Rickert

ProMotion is all shiny and new! There aren’t a lot of added features in 2.0.0 but you’ll find it builds 55% faster and is 20%+ lighter!

One new feature I was able to sneak past Jamon is the new ‘longpressable’ TableScreen module. You’ve always been able to fire an action for a particular table cell whenever it was tapped, but I needed a way to tap and hold to fire a different action based on that gesture. This 25-line module does just that.

Simply add longpressable to the top of your PM::TableScreen subclass (where you’d put searchable or indexable) and in your cell hashes add long_press_action: :some_action.

Internally, it adds a UILongPressGestureRecognizer to the table view and when the action is triggered, it figures out what cell your finger is on and runs the long_press_action associated with the cell!

Make sure to check out the migration guide since some other things have changed in the way TableScreen cells are passing data back and forth.

Bonus tip: longpressable defaults to 1 second, but you can modify that like this:

longpressable min_duration: 2.5


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