Xcode 6 and iPhone 6 fixes

RubyMotion 2.34 was released this week, fixing various problems we’ve been having using new iPhones and Xcode. Go grab and test it.

HipByte released new renewal pricing. What are your thoughts about that?

If you missed the last issue, you can find it here: issue #44.

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

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RubyMotion News

RubyMotion 2.34 released

  • All iOS and OS X versions of the runtime have been recompiled with Xcode 6.
  • [iOS] Add support for iPhone 6/6+ launch images. Unless explicitly
    specified, the Info.plist UILaunchImages key is populated from all PNG
    files in the resource directories that start with Default. For iPhone 6/6+
    use the -667h and -736h filename modifiers.
  • [OSX] Fix a bug that made it impossible to build a OS X app on Yosemite
    with Xcode 6 GM, even when targeting 10.9.
  • Fixed a bug that omitted class and protocol methods from the ctags.
    Patch by Rakesh BS.
  • Improved exception backtrace symbolication performance by ensuring the dSYM
    bundle is used when available.
  • Improved Enumerable#inject performance. ~40% times faster.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause clang++ to be called with too many arguments
    for a shell to handle.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause gen_bridge_metadata to be called with too
    many arguments for a shell (on Yosemite) to handle.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use a NSApplication subclass.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug where it would trigger a crash when it will evaluates a
    expression on REPL on Yosemite.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug where the build directory for 3rd-party library wouldn’t
    be removed with rake clean command.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug where it didn’t handle NSTaggedPointerString objects
    when it configured lower OS X version as deployment target on Yosemite.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug where rake debug=1 freezes lldb with Xcode 6 GM.
  • [iOS] Changed default simulator to ‘iPhone 6’ which it would be introduced
    by Xcode 6 GM.
  • Fixed a bug where Instruments didn’t launch if it would specify a template
    name with “rake profile template=’xxx'”.
  • Fixed a bug where Method#owner will return incorrect owner if the method
    in inherited class would be overrided.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong method would called when it would include module
    which have #viewWillAppear and #viewWillDisappear implementations.
  • Fixed a bug where method would not called when it would include some module
    which have #viewWillAppear implementations.
  • Fixed a bug where #method_missing would receive incorrect arguments after
    calling was cached.
  • Fixed a bug where the build system would ping the update server for each
    target an application project includes.
  • Fixed a memory leak which was created when huge splat would be passed into
    the methods since second argument.
  • Improved Regexp.last_match performance. ~20% faster.

sudo motion update

RubyMotion App of the Week


tunedup – by By Sam Bauch

“tunedup is for discovering new music. We play a song clip. swipe right if you like it. swipe left if you don’t. Listen to full songs on Spotify, and login with Spotify to save your favorite songs to a tunedup playlist. We keep track of your likes and dislikes and try to recommend music you might like.”

Gems used:

  • MotionKit
  • AFMotion
  • motion-config-vars
  • sugarcube
  • bubblewrap (core & media)

Pods used:

  • JMImageCache
  • Bolts (for App Links Navigation Protocol – particularly interested in this area of inter-app nav/communication)
  • Mixpanel
  • New Relic
  • MBProgressHud


  • Spotify framework SDK
  • Apple’s ImageEffects+ library
  • Tapstream – they offer a neat solution for custom onboard links where you can customize first run experience based on the link a user tapped to install the app.

RMQ News

RMQ Edge and SDK 8

If you’re using SDK 8 and use RMQ in landscape, you will want to use RMQ edge. Replace your RMQ gem in your gemfile with this:

gem 'ruby_motion_query', :git => 'git@github.com:infinitered/rmq.git'

We’ll be releasing RMQ v0.8.0 soon; a small but important upgrade. Landscape is great now, before it was meh.


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