Yosemite GM, Xcode 6.1 GM, SDK 8.1, and RubyMotion 2.35 all work

I can confirm that all this is working together, and I’m now using it on my production workstation. Your mileage may vary. Earlier this week a lot of us were having problems, but they are all resolved now.

I did this:

  • Upgraded to Yosemite GM from Apple Development center
  • Deleted Xcode 6.01 and emptied the trash
  • Downloaded Xcode 6.1 GM from Apple Development center
  • Installed it
  • Went to the App Store, went to “Updates”, then installed “Command Line Tools (OS X 10.10) Version 6.1”
  • rake clean:all ; bundle ; rake pod:install in all my projects

If you missed the last issue, you can find it here: issue #45.

Happy coding, Todd Werth (@twerth)

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RubyMotion News

RubyMotion 2.35 released

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when the only available SDKs are newer than the available BridgeSupport metadata.
  • [iOS] Fixed a bug where it would not symbolicate with rake profile:device. The dSYM file path was changed to fix a bug.
  • [iOS] Fixed a bug where the RubyMotion shared framework would not update even if it changed the code in framework.
  • [OSX] Fixed a bug that would always cause the REPL to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where GLKit functions would trigger a crash when it will run app on iOS simulator.

sudo motion update

RMQ News

RMQ 0.8.0 released

Release notes are here.

It has new landscape, plugin, and iOS 8 features.

RMQ plugins aren’t fully done, but they are mostly done. The first plugin is being built and we’re already using it in an app we’re working on, you can check it out here.

Note: if you get an error about your UITextViewStyler, replace its superclass with UIScrollViewStyler

Hidden Gem by Gant Laborde

You use the internet for docs, stop fooling yourself.

A lot of the Hidden Gems I write about are general Ruby hints or heavily opinionated; today it’s both. I’d like to start with a short anecdote.

One of my favorite life-hacks ever:
“Turn every coat-hanger around in your closet. In a year or 6 months, take every piece of clothing that is still on the reversed hanger and donate it to charity. You’re not using it.”

Today is that coat-hanger moment. Have you EVER? used ri or rdoc? Shy of flights or sea-coders, you can’t even come up with an instance where you need to ri Array RIGHT NOW! Just stop it. I first came up with this as a way to speed up installs on my poor Raspberry Pi, but after watching sinatra install docs, I decided to cut the cord. Join me! Tell your gems not to pull docs anymore, and realize McDonalds has free WiFi, if you ever find yourself needing to look something up on the road.

$ echo 'gem: --no-ri --no-rdoc' >> ~/.gemrc


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